1)… What is your Manufacturing Process?
As mentioned on our process  page, we begin with a SES sourced preparation of fullerene carbon 60 at a 99.95% purity, which is then added at a 5 times the saturation suspension point & mechanically mixed for a period of two weeks (14 days) in a dark environment. At this stage the resultant oil is saturated at a minimum of 0.8mg per 1ml of oil. The oil is then centrifuged at high speed to remove undissolved C60 for roughly an hour – then the oil is then put through a .22 micron filter to remove any type of impurity & bacteria that may remain. At this stage the oil (whether it be olive, coconut or avocado oil), the product is bottled & packed & at this stage is ready for shipping.

2)… What is the best oil to use?

It really comes down to personal preference, as the level of suspended carbon 60 is the roughly the same within each oil. Each oil is cold pressed to ensure the highest quality & nutritional content.

Olive Oil - Virgin Pressed...Olive Oil: We use Kirklands Organic cold pressed virgin olive oil – the very same as per the original Baati / Paris study. Traditionally this oil is well known for its antioxidant & healthy monounsaturated fats. This preparation of C60 can be used on one’s salad or taken by itself, as the taste is quite benign & very palatable.

Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed Virgin Oil...Coconut Oil: We use coconut oil for those that have issues with the taste of olive oil – along with occasional tummy upsets that can occur also. This medium obviously tastes like coconut, is easy on the tummy, along with being a strong anti microbial, anti bacterial & potent brain food (being very high in medium chain triglycerides). This is one of the most stable oils & can remain stable for years without any loss of stability.

Avocado Oil - Virgin & Cold Pressed...

Avocado Oil: This oil is rich in Oleic acid, high in Lutein & has been shown to be good for the heart. Avocado oil is excellent in salads & on foods – providing an easy way in which to consume C60. Many enjoy the taste of avocado oil, along with finding it easier to digest than olive oil (though it all comes down to personal preference).

3)… How do I store the C60 Oils?
It is interesting to note that C60 once suspended in oil at a saturation level is sensitive to Ultra Violet light – which means be sure to keep in a cool dark place out of direct light. One can keep the product in the fridge – though the only thing being is after a period the oil will congeal / solidify (which will not affect the efficacy of the product, though will make it a little difficult to use!

4)… How much to take?
Dosage really depends upon personal requirements. A good place to begin & acclimatise to the C60 is 1 – 2 tablespoons daily (though to achieve a higher level of tissue saturation within the body then a good 100ml per week for the first few weeks can be beneficial. C60 will last within the body for a good 24 – 36 hours before being excreted through the normal channels of elimination.

5)… How fresh is your oil?
We purchase our different base oils on a regular basis in order to keep our stock fresh. All oils are kept cool until ready to use thus ensuring freshness.

6)…Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, we provide a full money back guarantee. Just be sure to write us regarding your wish to be refunded & we will so so from here.

7)…What type of shipping do you use?
We ship using the Australian Post to all destinations domestically with full tracking provided upon dispatch so you can follow the order online as it moves through the postal system. If requiring express shipping then be sure to let us know via email after purchasing so we can amend the order from this end.

8)… What type of bottle do you use?
We use amber coloured 100 ml glass bottles for the storage & shipping of our C60 product, as we have found glass to be entirely non leaching, along with UV resistant in order to protect the integrity of the oil as much as possible.

9)… What is the shelf life of C60 oil?
When C60 is added to an oil it has been found to greatly extent the life of the oil – meaning it prevents the oil from becoming rancid (meaning to oxidize). As a general rule the product will keep its efficacy regardless of the oil used for a good 18 – 24 months (with the oil being kept out of direct sunlight).

10)… How is C60 made in its elemental form?
C60 is found in nature though in extremely low amounts – as most is in fact floating out there in space as a result of stars exploding. Man has found a way to manufacture it in a laboratory by using rods of elemental carbon that is vaporized by electricity in a Helium atmosphere. At this stage C60, C70, C5, etc are also created – so what happens is that the C60 is then concentrated to an absolute purity & sold as such. Learn more here.