Carbon 60 – One of Nature’s Most Potent Anti


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Ageing is Largely Due to Oxidative Stress

Aging is largely driven by free radical damage to cellular tissue, in
the sensitive & delicate DNA material within the nucleus of the cell
damaged. Each day much of the damage caused by oxidative stress is minimised
repaired via the action of anti oxidants – though inevitably we cannot
all of the damage. Every time a cell within the body divides the mutation &
damage also replicates, & over time this process is commonly seen as


Humans are one of the few species of animals that have such an
capacity to control mitochondrial damage – but our repair mechanisms can
only do so much! Free radicals are molecules that either have too few or
too many electrons, & due to their unstable nature will damage any
structure they come in contact with.


The Buckminister fullerine C60 molecule has the unique ability to
accept several 
electrons at a time if there is a free radical with too many electrons, or
will donate electrons in case of a free radical with an electron


C60 is thus an incredibly effective antioxidant, & even more impressive is
that the C60 
molecule does NOT become unstable by accepting or donating electrons. As per the
Baati study, it is thought the carrier oil infused with the C60 fullerine molecule
it be olive, avocado or coconut oil) interfaces & binds with the cell wall on a
nano scale 
& thus super charges the cellular antioxidant system.


There is nothing else out there as far as an antioxidant goes that has the
capacity to sit 
for weeks within the lipid bilayers, exactly where it is needed the most –
nothing except 
the C60 molecule, that is…


The C60 fullerine compound is unique in its ability to keep on donating /
accepting electrons 
whilst not altering the structure of the C60 molecule – thus effectively recycling
the molecule 
unlike such time as it is eliminated from the body.


Disease occurs within the body when bodily systems are allowed to degrade to such
a degree that we 
can no longer regenerate & maintain homeostasis. This is where the old adage
rings particularly 
true – An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!